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take off from a green light. but then -- >> volkswagen pulls in front, stops in the middle of the street and approaches the guy. >> how speeding up led to a smack down. ursula the black bear takings on a special trash can. >> she's trying to get in. >> unless she can chew through the side she's not getting in. >> why this can is >>> you know when you go to a national park they tell you don't feed the bears. it's easy for bears to get into your picnic basket or trash can because they're easy to open but they're trying to make trash cans a little more difficult for bears to make it a buffet dinner. >> the new bear-proof trash can. >> this is an initiative of the virginia department of game and their inland fisheries department working with the black bear research center at virginia tech and as you can see here, ursula was the test bear for this trash can. this trash can is strapped to a post and ursula gives it the run around more than we can. she's really trying to get in. as you can see here, ten minutes in, she's still trying to get into this trash can. >> this has padlock
$0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit vwdealer.com today. >>> hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you're looking for the best videos from the web, this is your show, "right this minute." >>> double bus trouble as a deer rockets through a windshield and a teenager tries to tell a driver -- >> that his hand was stuck in the doors. >> see the frantic move to free himself as the bus takes off. >>> a traffic tie-up in taiwan as people try to pass a slow poke, but one guy discovers -- >> the gap isn't big enough. >> how he found out the hard way. >>> a newborn lamb is nearly blown into the sea, until a hero -- >> picks this wee little lamb up. >> what happens when they find the rest of the family? >>> and the l.a. beast takes on the dog food challenge. >> nick said, how bad could it be? >> see why nick is about my goodness. >>> i have two very scary moments to show you guys. this first one is in florida. the video picks up right as the doors to this city bus are closing. right outside trying to get into the bus is 14-year-old jerry cunningham. before he
$0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit vwdealer.com today. >>> hi, everybody, i am beth troutman. we have the videos you have been looking for "right this minute." >> 3-2-1 dropping. >> a snowmobile rider psychs up before plunging -- >> after on 800 foot cliff. >> see the ultimate tribute to a lost friend. >> it is one of the craziest videos ever of a bird catch. >> one hand reach, grabs the bird. >> meet the guy that happened to be out there with his nfl quarterback friend. >> the san francisco has offered me a contract as a wide receiver. >> a small norway town turns into italy over night. >> everybody probably knew the secret. >> everybody but the bride to be, the elaborate proposal with a big pay off. and talk about talent as hot girls decide to wash cars with no hands. >> why? why? >> who cares really? >> extreme sports dude eric roaner is abouto launch hisle 8 cliff. this is from network a. this isn't just one crazy stunt. it is to pay tribute to his friend shane. >> he revolutionized skiing, b.a.s.e. jumping and changed lives of everyone he c
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3